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The Body Works Flex Fit

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The Body Works Flex Fit, Temple, TX

Welcome to The Body Works Flex Fit in Temple, TX - home of the only power assisted exercise studio in central Texas.

I opened the studio in July 2014 with 6 Slender You Toning Tables and in November of 2014, I added 5 Shapemaster Toning Chairs. Since then, people have tracked me down having searched for many years to find a studio that offered passive exercise equipment. Like myself, they had used them previously and couldn’t wait to find them again.

Relaxercise is my word for the experience - just allow the machines to do the work for you as you relax on the comfortable tables or chairs. As your stamina and fitness grows, add some assistance with the machine’s movements to boost your results.

For people who hate the gym for whatever reason whether it be too painful - too embarrassing or too impersonal, you will love our passive exercise equipment.

Intimate friendly and relaxing, it soon becomes a regular social event. Come with a friend or partner or come alone - you will always find a warm welcome and feel right at home with other clients and staff.

No-one is too old, too immobile or too unfit to use this fabulous equipment - there is a program for everyone. Just a 35 – 60 minute circuit works your whole body targeting every major muscle group.

Recognized by the health profession for their remedial benefits power assisted exercise; passive motion exercise machines haves been around since the 1930-40’s initially used to help polio victims regain strength and flexibility. Today these machines are rapidly gaining popularity with people of all ages. Perfect for rehabilitation after an injury or pre/post-surgery or for inch and potential weight loss.

No Pain No Gain - NOT ANY MORE!!

Feel Comfortable

  • Individual Attention
  • Power Assisted Equipment
  • Works All Major Muscle Groups
  • Exercise Actively or Passively
  • Friendly, Helpful Staff
  • All Fitness Levels Welcome
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Science Backed Results

  • University Study Over 10wks Showed:
  • Up to 33% Improvement in Arm Strength
  • Up to 34% Improvement in leg Strength
  • Up to 50% Improvement in Upper Body Strength
  • Mobility Improved by Over 30%
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Key Benefits

  • Increased Strength &Mobility
  • No Stress to Joints
  • Improved Circulation
  • Orthopedically Safe
  • Improved Balance &Stability
  • Increased Overall Well Being
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